At LD Family Farm we take pride in our facility and our services. We strive to make our facility a safe but fun environment where everyone feels at home. We strive to fill our barn with clients who appreciate a clean, happy, laid back environment. Being a smaller facility, we are able to customize your boarding experience, provide frequent updates to owners and welcome you and your horse as part of our family.

Abuse of animals or farm privileges will result in a termination of our working relationship.

Stall Board

Our facility has the following available:

  • 8 - 12x12 Matted Stalls 

  • 80x100 Outdoor Arena

  • 3 Pastures & 3 Smaller Gravel Paddocks

  • 12x12 Tackroom

Grain is fed twice daily, we provide hay 2-3 times per day in winter and at night and as needed to supplement pasture in the summer. Water is available at all times in pastures as well as stalls.

We feed Blue Seal Grains and work with owners to choose the right feed and program for your horse.

Supplements provided by the owner are fed as directed.


Monthly Board: $425/Month for mares and geldings, we will consider stallions on a limited, case by case basis. 

Monthly Board w/Private Turnout: $455

Partial Training: Monthly Board plus $150


Full Training: Monthly Board plus $250 


We offer discounts for a 6 month contract paid in full. Contact us for details.

*Rates are current as of October 9, 2019. All fees/rates are subject to change and are not guaranteed.

Emergency Care & Additional Services

Bathing: $35


                Walking, ½ hour - $20

                Riding, ½ hour - $25 or $40 per full hour

                Longeing, ½ hour - $20


Veterinarian or Farrier Assistance: $15


Grooming: $15 per session or $50/month for 4-6 grooming sessions

Trimming/Clipping: $30 (No body clipping)

Grain (over the included 6lbs):  $12/lb

Hay (over the included 25 lbs bodyweight):  $6/lb
Extra bedding:  $8/bag or wheelbarrow full
Worming (wormer included):  $25
First aid supplies:  Replace at cost
24/7 Stall for more than 10 days:  $50/month

Medical Care:  We expect boarders to provide special care their horses may require, such as foot soaking, wrapping, hand walking or wound dressing, but will provide these services if an owner is unable to be here.
$5.00 per 15 minute increment of treatment (changing wound dressings, wrapping leg(s), hand walking, giving oral medications) Medications and supplies to be provided by the boarder

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